Anna Tauzin
Anna Tauzin
Restaurants | Marketing | Tech | Biz Dev

Anna Tauzin
is a restaurant and food nerd working in Texas.



As a former line cook, server, and journalist, I have a deep love and appreciation for restaurant owners and their entrepreneurial spirit. To me, restaurants are where memories are made and life is celebrated. There is nothing more rewarding than helping these business owners and community leaders succeed.



For the past ten years, I have helped restaurants, technology companies, and mentors connect and move the industry forward through joy and experimentation.

With a background in tech, journalism, and trade associations, I have a thorough understanding of the hospitality industry but remain curious enough to check the status quo frequently.

Let’s do something cool together.




Anna is one of the most accomplished young women I have had the privilege to work with. She has continued to push the restaurant industry forward by creating and delivering on innovative projects and initatives.
— Julia Kanouse, CEO, Illinois Technology Association
Anna takes her responsibility for innovation seriously, not only for the Association but for the industry as well.
— Richie Jackson, CEO, Texas Restaurant Association