Anna Tauzin Rice

Restaurants | Marketing | Tech | Biz Dev

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Hi, I'm Anna. I think hospitality people are the best kind of people. 

 Better headshot coming sometime soon, I swear.

Better headshot coming sometime soon, I swear.

At the Texas Restaurant Association, Anna is the Vice President of Marketing and Innovation. Her job is to promote the heck out of all the inspiring work the Association and our restaurants do in this Great State.

Previously, Anna was the Senior Marketing Manager for Innovation and Entrepreneurial Services at the National Restaurant Association. S worked  to connect restaurant operators with new technology, operations and marketing concepts. This included directing the Association’s new innovation programs and building relationships with high tech and startup companies, venture capitalists, and curious restaurateurs. Her projects included the Restaurant Innovation Summit, Startup Alley, Tech Tours, as well as pitch competitions and focused roundtables.

Anna is a frequent speaker on innovation and disruption in the restaurant space, including tech trends, mobile payment, food delivery, tableside tablets, BOH inventory and staff management platforms, #foodtech startups, and online reservations.

Previous to her career in associations, Anna was the web and social media editor for J-Lab, a nonprofit journalism research center and startup incubator.

Anna serves on the advisory board for SXSW Interactive. She is active in the user experience and food+tech communities and is currently looking for new volunteer opportunities in Central Texas.

She has a master of arts in journalism from American University and a bachelor of arts in mass communication from Texas State University. 

Anna is a native Texan and enjoys live music, food markets, and seeing movies with her husband who understands the importance of getting to the theatre early.

 October 15, 2016

October 15, 2016

Nathan Rice, Husband

In 2016, I married the coolest guy ever. 

Nathan works as the head brewer at New Braunfels Brewing Company, and is a total beer snob. Previously, he was the lead brewer at 3 Stars Brewing Company in Washington, D.C. and previous to THAT he was a bee scientist for the USDA. When he and Anna first met, he was carrying around a big green cooler of dead bees. No joke. 



Future Doggo

This is where a giant photo of Anna and Nathan's future dog will go. It will likely be big and fluffy and super affectionate.